First you can conveniently make a request at this address: 

* remember to write to us where you are from, 
therefore the city where you would like to be tattooed (Riccione / Milan) *your instagram/facebook contact *a telephone number * an explanation of what you would like to do and some reference/example photos. once you have received the reply email you will be able to decide whether to book,
to book a deposit will be enough which can be done easily online and you will
then be on the list to be tattooed,
which therefore means that you will be contacted to define the day and time that you can choose,
based on your commitments we will find the most suitable time,
also remember that if you are unable to be present on your free days
you will still always be on the list among the people who must
receive the appointment then you will be contacted for a new date. HOW DO I KNOW THE FINAL PRICE?: Unfortunately, the final price CANNOT be estimated via email or telephone,
therefore we DO NOT make estimates, it is based on various factors
including... working time, chosen position in the body, complexity of the subject,
you will therefore understand that defining it in advance would be impossible,
you can however talk to carloxid on the day of the tattoo and better define the project
and the budget you have available, to try to satisfy your requests you will be able
to find a compromise between the quality of the work and the final price.